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As the global leader in custom converting technology, Faustel has helped our customers drive innovation in their products and processes.

Faustel building

Originally called Faustel Engineering Co., Faustel was formed in 1956 as a design and engineering service firm operating out of a one-room rental on Milwaukee’s east side. The name Faustel is an acronym representing the surnames of Everett Faulls and Walter Stelling who founded the company alongside a third but inactive partner, Edward Kent. Armed with little more than engineering backgrounds from MILPRINT, INC., a local printing and package converting firm, Faustel was soon receiving requests to engineer and manufacture custom equipment. Today, Faustel continues as a private corporation with present ownership active in Faustel’s operation.

Revolutionary Converting Technology

Many of Faustel’s innovations were pioneered as a result of the dynamic technological advances in polymer chemistry developed out of aerospace programs in the 60’s. Over time, the need for equipment development evolved as new materials, coatings, adhesives, and substrates entered the market. With each innovation, chemists and product development specialists of Morton, Dow, and DuPont encouraged Faustel’s growth and development. These new chemistries had opened opportunities for more demanding items, such as boil-in-bag and portion pack materials, which could not be made successfully on older machinery designed to run lacquer coatings, casein, adhesives, etc. 

Faustel’s early innovations during this time gave them the momentum to venture into other areas of coating and laminating equipment development for flexible products used in the aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, and textile industries, among others.

Faustel Xiamen

Faustel Xiamen, a wholly owned entity of Faustel, Inc. was established in 2005 to serve multi-national customers with operations throughout Asia. Over time the business has evolved with equipment being shipped to Faustel customers world wide, all built to the same high quality standards our customers have come to expect.

Website: Faustel Xiamen, China

Equipment at Faustel Xiamen

Equipment at Faustel Xiamen

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