Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Used Roll Coater

In the 2014 Q1 edition of Converting Quarterly Dr. Edward Cohen discusses the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used roll coater. “On the surface, it appears to be attractive,” says Cohen, “However, in most situations it is cheaper and more efficient to buy new equipment.”

Advantages of Used Roll Coater

  1. A used roll coater can be purchased at a lower cost.
  2. Used equipment does not need to be fabricated.

Disadvantages of Used Roll Coater

  1. Generally it is not discovered until after the used roll coater is installed that it does not meet specific requirements needed for the new user.
  2. Cost of modifying used equipment to meet local codes can be costly.
  3. Difficulty in determining the condition of the used machine and the modifications necessary for the new user.
  4. Older equipment usually requires more energy, adversely affecting operating costs.
  5. Older roll coating equipment will not be current on coater hardware technology, resulting in loss of several benefits offered by a new coater.

“A careful economic comparison of a new coater versus installing a used coater often will favor the new coater,” says Cohen.

Dr. Cohen, Edward (2014) Purchasing and Installing a Used Coater. Converting Quarterly; 2014 Quarter 1; Page 10.