Faustel Invited to Present at Focal Point


Faustel Showcasing UW Stevens Point’s new Pilot Coater

Stevens Point, Wisconsin (October 2014) — Faustel has been invited by UW Stevens Point to showcase their LabMaster Plug & Play Pilot Coater at Focal Point 2014 held on campus in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, October 14, 2014. Focal Point is an annual conference, which brings together key players in Wisconsin’s packaging industry, a major manufacturing sector in Wisconsin.

The theme for Focal Point 2014 is Packaging at the Leading Edge. The one-day conference targets converting challenges and solutions in the food and beverage packaging industry. “Packaging often gets a bad rap from sustainability-minded people, who have concerns about over-packaging of products and visions of massive amounts of plastic, paper and cardboard dumped in landfills,” states conference organizers. “But advances both in materials technology and in manufacturing processes means that packaging often plays a positive role in progress toward sustainable living.” Industry experts are expected to discuss sustainable sourcing of feedstocks, developments in specialty packaging materials, and end-of-life management challenges and choices.

In 2014, the Paper Science and Engineering (PSE) Program at UW Stevens Point added a Faustel LabMaster Pilot Coating Line to their papermaking facility. “You think paper is pretty mature, but new materials require new coating substrates. We want to explore coating technologies that offer converting performance yet have a readily compostable end-of-life,” said Roland Gong, Assistant Professor for Paper Science & Engineering. Repulping and composting are two end-of-life processes the Institute is exploring. For example, wax coatings added to corrugated paper creates packaging material that cannot be repulped, and grease resistant coatings added to paper in fast food restaurants increases the paper’s compost time. “What’s inside the paper? How do we coat it efficiently? How do those components work together effectively and economically?” asks Gong.

Roland Gong, Assistant Professor for Paper Science & Engineer

Roland Gong, Assistant Professor for Paper Science & Engineering; Rick Ruenzel, Sales Engineer for Faustel; and Paul Fowler, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology inspect the newly installed LabMaster Pilot Coater.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point purchased the Faustel LabMaster Pilot Coater for analysis as well as for small-scale productions of existing and new laminating and coating solutions. The LabMaster is able to reproduce the precise working conditions present on large scale, commercial production machinery and is particularly suited to applications typically found in the specialty paper, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources is widely regarded as the nation’s leading undergraduate natural resource program. The PSE program is part of the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) a nationally recognized, self-supporting institute providing research, education and services to improve Wisconsin’s long-term environment and economy through collaboration of educators, students and researchers. “We are looking for innovative technologies that assist in the development of specialty packaging materials and end-of-life management challenges of repulpability,” said Paul Fowler, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology. WIST develops innovative curricula, technologies, and products that promote efficient resource use and benefit Wisconsin’s citizens, businesses and industries.

The PSE program prepares students for technical careers in the pulp, paper and allied industries. Students in the program study mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering as well as the science and technology associated with the manufacture of pulp and paper. The program is committed to providing high quality outreach education opportunities for professionals in the pulp, paper, and allied industries. This mission is accomplished by continued development of courses beneficial to industry professionals that will improve their understanding of the processes for which they are responsible.

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