Specialized Industry Solutions

Faustel designs and builds exceptional converting technology for industry specific applications in battery manufacturing, membrane processing, medical and pharmaceutical converting, and more. These innovative systems incorporate proven Faustel designs configured to address customer specific process requirements while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. The result is a superbly reliable machine that is simple to operate and maintain.

The Faustel Technology Center is your resource to assist in the development and proving of your product and process before machine design begins. In partnership with our team of engineers and converting professionals, you will be assured that any new equipment will exceed the performance results achieved during testing.

Aerospace Converting Solutions

In the aerospace industry, effectively managing stringent process control under demanding high tolerance applications is one key element that sets Faustel equipment apart.  Applications include coating and laminating of composites and carbon fiber using resin for components and structures, in addition to solution coating for thermal insulation materials. Our decades of experience manufacturing equipment for leading suppliers with rigorous quality control programs demonstrate the long-term value our machines provide.

Battery & Electronic Converting Solutions

There is no application more demanding than the coating of Li-ion battery products, and Faustel’s extensive experience in precision applications is assurance our equipment is the best in the industry.  Our modular, pre-engineered systems have customizable features to accommodate virtually any battery or separator coating process and are available in single or double pass configurations. Exacting process control coupled with industry leading machine speeds make Faustel the highest value partner for your new battery and separator coating equipment.


Optional Integrated Features:

In-line Coat Weight Measurement

Solvent Recovery and Distillation

Closed Loop Solution Delivery

Convection Drying

Intermittent Coating

Clean Room and Dry Room Design

Filtration Converting Solutions

Faustel’s filtration membrane processing equipment is in operation world-wide, producing high quality products for the industry’s leading companies.  Using Faustel’s customer focused approach, our equipment can be designed to incorporate both pre-engineered components and customizable features to ensure that your final product is perfectly suited to your application.  Our experience and reputation assure you that when you choose Faustel for membrane processing equipment you get only the best results.  

Optional Integrated Features:

  • In-line Coat Weight Measurement
  • Fluid Delivery and Recirculation Systems
  • IR and Convection Drying
  • Self-threading Process and Rinse Tanks

Industrial Converting Solutions

For decades, Faustel equipment has produced web converting lines for insulation facing, roofing materials, window film and other engineered industrial products.  Leveraging our broad product background, our engineers and process technicians will listen to your needs and develop a solution that encompasses the best of our proven solutions coupled with innovative custom features that address your specific process requirements.

Converting Equipment

  • Laminators
  • Coaters
  • Winders
  • Portable R&D Models
  • Production Level Pilot Lines
  • Modular & Fully Custom Designs

Industrial Applications

  • Insulation Facing
  • Geomembrane Liners
  • Window Film
  • Power Transmission Belting

A Partner in Research & Development

As converting equipment experts and collaborators, we partner with our clients through the entire design, prototyping, testing, and proving phases of R&D. Our clients have the unique opportunity to test their own products and processes on Faustel equipment at our in-house Technology Center. We create an engineering environment where subject matter experts can pool their creativity and develop high tolerance, custom solutions that turn innovative industrial products into a reality.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Converting Solutions

Faustel’s extensive offering of equipment platform options for medical and pharmaceutical coating and laminating provide flexibility as your business evolves and new opportunities develop.  Scalable and expandable systems are available from lab and pilot to full scale production equipment.  With experience manufacturing products from transdermal patches and oral thin films to gel wound care dressings, our customers know the high quality and adaptability of our equipment.

Faustel’s custom processing lines provide the following features for web-based med/pharma products:

  • Digitally Controlled Slot Die Patch Coating
  • Wet Bond, Dry Bond and Thermal Lamination
  • Clean Room Design
  • Machine Product Contact Material Traceability
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Control Systems

Collaboration. Innovation.

Our converting professionals use a collaborative approach to optimize both product and process alongside the customers we serve. To discover how Faustel’s team of converting experts works with medical manufacturing engineers to produce cutting-edge technology, check out the following article: Faustel Develops Custom Coating Technology.

Custom Coating Solutions

Faustel collaborates with Iowa-based medical manufacturing company, Katecho, to create a customized hydrogel coating solution for wound care.

Intermittent Patch Coating

This coating process has the ability to produce at speeds up to 100 fpm with digital control of patch length.

Tapes, Labels, & Packaging Converting Solutions

With experience producing machines for an extensive variety of tapes, adhesive labels and liners, bulk liquid pouches, coated board stock and building wrap, Faustel has the process knowledge needed to take your project to the next level.  Coating and laminating technology are at our core, and using the resources available in the Faustel Technology Center we can help you find the best solution to your product manufacturing challenges.

Signage & Graphics Converting Solutions

The market for cast and coated vinyl products has grown significantly over the past decade, and Faustel leads the way with continued expansion of our install base using the industry’s most reliable technology.  

In-register printed films and papers for products, such as ready to assemble furniture, laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tile (LVT), are an expanding market opportunity for many companies, and Faustel helps them adaptively respond to new demands with flexible solutions for their coating and laminating equipment.

Customers can be assured Faustel’s revolutionary designs and long-term machine reliability will set them above the competition.

Custom Converting Solutions

Don’t see your specific application?  Faustel prides itself on developing the best solution to every type of web coating and converting challenge.  That includes projects for lamination of silicone wafer planarization disks, coating of nano-particles for pharmaceuticals, and immersion coating and lamination of contact lens material.  Please contact us to discuss your specifications and learn how we can help.

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