The Modular Coating Line (MCL) is available in 300 mm and 600 mm configurations and serves a variety of end-use applications. A wide range of coatings including solvent, aqueous, E-Beam and UV may be processed on the MCL with the available standard options offered.


Flexible Design Allows for Custom Configuration & Expansion

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The modular design utilizes pre-engineered components in a customized configuration, which allows for a shorter delivery cycle and lower cost than a from scratch custom build, all without sacrificing machine performance or quality.

Drives and controls are completely integrated, and installation costs are minimized by prewiring and piping to the greatest extent possible. The MCL′s modular construction with integral drive and control cabinets for each component makes future reconfiguration easier and reduces field installation time and expense. Ductwork is provided to connect the heating and air-handling skids to the dryer in the predefined location.

Flexible Configuration and Interchangeable Coating Modules Provide Adaptability to All Markets

Coating modules are easily interchangeable so the MCL can be quickly reconfigured for a variety of coating methods that satisfy a broad range of applications. Coating modules can be added at any time in the future as needs change.

Choose and Exchange a Module

MCL Unwinds and Rewinds are configured as cantilevered roll stands, with direct coupled gearboxes and motors. The units are ergonomically constructed with roller bearings located along the airshaft to facilitate effortless roll removal using a portable roll handling cart. While operating, the airshafts are supported by a pivoting outboard arm, which is easily released for roll changes. The interlocked arm design also serves to automatically inflate the airshaft when a new roll or core is placed in running position. Rolls can be unwound/wound in either direction. Closed-loop tension control with readout ensures regulated, constant winding tension.

The Roll Cart supports 610 mm (24″) diameter rolls up to 227 Kg (500 lbs.) with 635 mm (25″) maximum core lengths.

Static Elimination is achieved using two single-sided, non-contact ionizing devices located at the primary unwind and rewind.

Winding Options

  • Web Guiding
  • Foil Handling Package
  • Release Coated Rolls for self-wound PSA
  • Turret with Automatic Splice and Transfer Capability
  • Dual Fixed Position Spindles
  • Rewind Lay-on Roll

Laminating & Chilling

The Dry-Bond Laminator includes a double wall, chrome plated laminating roll which can be heated, and two post lamination chill rolls. The nip with adjustable stops can achieve a maximum loading of 150 PLI (26 N/mm). To ensure a smooth lamination profile, spreader rolls are provided prior to lamination for both incoming webs. A fully enclosed and interlocked guard protects operators from moving parts, while removable panels allow access for maintenance.

An optional Wet-Bond Laminating Module easily attaches to 3-Roll Coater Module for quick-change laminating configurations.

Laminating Options

  • Rotary Unions and Hoses
  • Hot Water Unit
  • Hot Oil Unit
  • Temperature Control Unit
  • Web Bond Laminator

Drying & Curing

The high-efficiency gas heated flotation Dryer has an insulated, double-wall enclosure. The dryer box is constructed of aluminized steel with internal headers, includes upper impingement nozzles, lower airfoils (for web stability) and freestanding air-handling units. The three-meter dryer box has access doors with double pane web observation windows to allow easy access for web-up and cleaning. Due to the system’s modularity, additional dryer zones can be added at any time.

The Dryer Exit Guide includes an electro mechanical actuator, ultrasonic sensing head and guide roll.

Drying & Curing Options

  • Additional Dryer Zones
  • Electric Heat in lieu of Gas Burners
  • HEPA Filters
  • Belt or Idler Support
  • Counter Flow Air Circulation
  • Dryer Recirculation
  • LEL Monitor
  • Stainless Steel Dryer Interior
  • Cooling Zone
  • UV Curing
  • E-beam Curing

Control Systems

Control Systems are designed and integrated by Faustel and include a Main Operator Console, Local Operator Stations, a Sectional Drive System and Programmable Logic Controller with open source code.

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