In-Register Coating Equipment

Faustel’s line of Flexographic and Gravure printers and coaters are used worldwide for applying coatings and inks in register with a pre-printed web. Typical applications include graphic arts, back-side logo applications, and décor products.

Logo Printer

The Faustel logo printer is a one-color, fixed repeat range, flexographic printing unit used to apply an image on the back side of a web. The steel plate cylinder roll is gear driven from the impression roll, while the ceramic-coated laser engraved anilox roll is gear driven from the plate cylinder. An enclosed applicator is used for a continuously circulated ink supply arranged with squaring adjustments and pivoting supports. An enclosed gearhead and handwheel unit position the applicator unit for servicing and return to operation. An IR dryer is typically used to cure the ink immediately after the printer.

In-Register Gravure Printer/Coater

The Faustel In-Register Gravure Printer is designed to apply a pattern coating or ink which can be in-register with a pre-printed substrate. Gravure cylinder diameter can be changed to accommodate different print lengths. The system is supplied with a coating pan and trailing doctor blade for best performance with pattern engraved gravure coating rolls. A servo-motor drive system responds to feedback detecting position of the pre-printed image to keep in close register throughout the run. The system can be configured with cross-web registration capability, along with web skewing and electro-static ink assist.

Flexomatic Variable Repeat Flexographic Register Printer/Coater

The Faustel Flexomatic Variable Repeat Flexographic Register Printer/Coater can be used as a flexographic printer or flexographic coater. Because of the ease of changing both plate cylinders and anilox rolls, it can even switch back and forth between these two applications. It is available for solvent, aqueous, or radiation curable inks and coatings, and can apply overcoats, in-register spot coats or be used for flexographic printing. It is ideal for variable repeat (cut-off) applications and can be built to any width.

Excel Fixed Repeat Flexographic Coater

The Faustel Excel Fixed Repeat Flexographic Coater is considered the premier coater for in-line application of UV overcoats on web-offset presses. Available through all major press builders or direct from Faustel for retrofit applications, these coaters can apply flood coats or in-register spot coats. The coater is supplied with UV lamp systems from Prime UV or Aetek, and servo drives eliminate the need for any connection to a lineshaft. The rugged design assures high quality coating and trouble-free operation. The Excel Coater is available in one or two-sided configurations. Width and cut-off are designed to match your press requirements.

VRDA Flying Flexographic Imprinter

The Faustel VRDA Flying Flexographic Imprinter is ideal for quick version changes such as masthead or dealer listing changes via the flexographic printing method in-line with rotogravure printed materials. Servomotor drives accelerate the incoming plate cylinder into speed match and register with the web before our unique control system changes printing sides with virtually no lost copies. Impression and inking nips are adjusted independently for precise, repeatable set-up. Faustel’s unique deck lock-down system allows on-the-fly ink and impression adjustment while still maintaining complete rigidity and anti-bounce properties. Available for aqueous or solvent-based inks. Convection dryers also available.