Web Coating Equipment

Faustel offers a full range of web coating equipment, including roll coaters, die coaters, and hybrid combinations for solvent, aqueous and 100% solids coatings, ranging in viscosity from as low as 1 to more than 100,000 cps. Application thicknesses range from 2 microns to 200 microns or more.

Coating Equipment Options

  • Modular Coating Cartridges
  • Sleeve Systems
  • Fluid Delivery Systems
  • Clean Room Construction
  • Vapor Capture Enclosures

Modular Cartridge Coater

The Faustel Cartridge Coater is a system designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Precision construction ensures accuracy and repeatability when changing cartridges. The backing roll or applicator roll sleeve system facilitates quick web width changes while the cartridges themselves can be set up or cleaned off-line. Options include reverse roll, gravure, offset gravure, Vari-Coat gravure, Mayer rod, slot-die, 5-roll, hot melt slot die, knife over roll and comma roll cartridges.

Slot Die Coater

Faustel Slot Die Coating Equipment can be configured with either a rubber backing roll or precision steel backing roll, using a fixed or adjustable-lip die based on the application. Die to roll gap is controlled by precision screws with positive stops, adjusted manually or via servo motor. Die angle position is also adjustable.  Faustel works with all major die manufacturers and can provide complete system integration.

Mayer Rod Coater

The Faustel Mayer Rod Coater allows for quick and easy coating thickness changes over a broad range.  Coaters feature single or dual rods with excellent control of critical wrap angles over applicator roll and rods.

Five Roll Coater

The Faustel Five Roll Coater offers rugged, yet precision construction capable of applying solventless coatings at very low coat weights, all to the highest level of uniformity. The system is ideal for silicones (thermal or radiation curable formulations), and includes options for a mist extractor and automated applicator roll cleaner.

Direct Gravure Coater

The Faustel Direct Gravure Coater may be purchased as a gravure coater only or as an offset gravure coater.  The design flexibility ensures that offset gravure may be added later if not purchased initially. The Gravure coater may be operated with an enclosed applicator or with a traditional pan and doctor blade arrangement. Precision stops and high tolerance rolls are included to support the requirements of both reverse and forward gravure applications. See the Vari-Coat gravure description below for additional available features.

Offset Gravure Coater

The Faustel Offset Gravure Coater can be configured as a direct gravure (both forward and reverse application) for water or solvent-based coatings, while the offset gravure method is ideal for solventless coatings. The Offset Gravure Coater may be operated with an enclosed applicator or with a traditional pan and doctor blade arrangement.  Precision stops and high tolerance rolls are included as standard, and the rolls are individually driven for maximum versatility in both coat weight and smooth lay-down.

Vari-Coat Gravure Coater

The Faustel Vari-Coat is a pressurized applicator system that adjusts coatweight by controlling internal applicator/doctor chamber pressure. Unlike traditional gravure, the system enables each tri-helical cylinder to deliver a range of coat weights, rather than a single coat weight. The unique pressurized chamber design excludes air from entering, thus improving coating consistency over long runs. Incorporating Faustel’s Speed Sleeve rubber backing roll, the unit allows for tool-free, in-machine coating width changes. When it’s time for clean-up, the pressurized applicator chamber retracts for easy access. Fluid delivery system integration is also available.

In-Register Gravure Printer/Coater

The Faustel In-Register Gravure Printer is designed to apply a pattern coating or ink which can be in-register with a pre-printed substrate. Gravure cylinder diameter can be changed to accommodate different print lengths. The system is supplied with a coating pan and trailing doctor blade for best performance with pattern engraved gravure coating rolls. A servo-motor drive system responds to feedback detecting position of the pre-printed image to keep in close register throughout the run.  The system can be configured with cross-web registration capability, along with web skewing and electro-static ink assist.

Clean Room Design

All Faustel Coaters can be supplied with nickel plated, stainless steel or stainless clad construction for location in clean room areas.  Modular enclosures can be supplied to manage air quality around specific process areas.