Unwinding and Winding Equipment

Faustel manufactures a wide range of unwind and rewind equipment, everything from fixed position roll stands to turrets with fully automated splicing and transfers. Suitable for papers, films, foils and non-wovens, in web widths from 150 mm to 4 m, speeds to 900 mpm, and roll diameters to 2.3 m.

Winder Features and Options

  • Fixed or Dual-Position Roll Stands
  • Turret Roll Stands
  • Shafted or Shaftless Operation
  • Winding Modes: Centerwind, Centerwind with Lay-on Roll, and Center/Surface Wind
  • Roll Loading/Unloading Equipment
  • Shifting Base Guiding
  • Splicers and Auto-Transfer Systems for Continuous Operation
  • No-Fold, Zero-Waste Rewind Auto-Transfers

PerfectStart No-Fold Rewind Transfer System

Prevent material winding defects with proven converting technology that rapidly pays for itself. Faustel’s patented PerfectStart technology is a seamless core-to-core transfer system that eliminates waste and defects during the transfer of material from one core to another. System integration with industry leading technology allows for processing a wide range of web materials, maximizes control of web tension, and results in 100% transfer reliability.