Faustel Announces New Line of Li Ion Electrode Coaters

GERMANTOWN, WI – (August 16, 2012 ) – Faustel, a manufacturer of high-tech coating and converting equipment, has today publicly announced their comprehensive line of electrode coating solutions for tomorrow’s demanding Li Ion Electrode Coating technology.

With more than 50 years of leadership excellence in the Coatings and Converting Industry, Faustel has engineered a line of technologically advanced lithium ion coater solutions for those organizations intent on being the advanced battery industry leaders of the future. Drawing on the engineering excellence for which Faustel has been widely known for decades, the company has developed a full line of pilot and production scale coaters with the pre-engineered capability and options tomorrow’s manufacturers may drawn on for their own market leadership role.

For organizations in the pre-production phase, Faustel’s operational scope of advanced electrode coater solutions begins with the LabMaster Pilot Line and extends to their modular MCL 600 Li Ion Electrode Coater high volume manufacturing solution. With direct scalability between the LabMaster and MCL, Faustel has greatly engineered scale up risk out of the equation for optimum time-to-market performance.

Most impressive is the value Faustel is bringing to the advanced battery market. By drawing on its vast history of engineering excellence, Faustel has been able to create a comprehensive product line of electrode coating solutions pre-engineered for lower CapEx outlay and shorter delivery times while simultaneously providing customization options for manufacturers which can be tailored to each organization’s unique operational requirements.

Design features for Faustel’s advanced Li Ion Coater offerings include both NMP and Aqueous systems as well as pre-engineered solutions for Solvent Recovery and on site distillation operations. In addition, Faustel’s comprehensive solution includes the option of integrating on line Beta Scanner technology into the system for real time monitoring of coat weight uniformity and statistical process control capability.

Combined with Faustel’s Pilot Development Facility, the most advanced in North America, customers may work in partnership with Faustel to even further reduce time to market. Faustel’s pilot development capabilities also include onsite, double planetary vacuum mixing capability for the customer’s electrode solution preparation.

About Faustel
Founded in 1956, Faustel is a manufacturer of high-tech web processing equipment for the paper, film and foil coating and converting industry including complete lines, components and control systems for a wide range of coated or laminated products. Products manufactured on Faustel machines are used in the consumer, aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, textile industries and more. Faustel has a well-equipped coating and web handling process development facility including two complete pilot coating lines, solvent, aqueous or radiation curable coating capability, including an ESI electron beam curing system. Faustel has production facilities in the US and China and provides 24-hour parts and service. For more information, contact our Sales Department at 262-253-3333 or sales@faustel.com.