LabMaster Pilot Coater

The LabMaster can be used for small-volume production, product development, and to experiment with various combinations of substrates and coatings making coating operations more versatile and flexible. The LabMaster functions as a narrow web production machine for those whose needs fall within the capability of the design. We have a demonstration unit available for customer trials in our Technology Center to help with this determination.

LabMaster Pilot Coating Line

Plug & Play Pilot Line – Just Plug It In!

The LabMaster arrives Preassembled on a Modular Frame. There are limited mechanical and electrical interconnections to be made, and no internal ducting is required. The Pilot Line is compact for easy installation, transportation, and relocation.

Fits standard 2.4 m door for easy installation and relocation

1) Slide Together and Pin

2) Connect to Electrical and Air

3) Connect Exhaust

Pre-Engineered for Lowest Cost and Quickest Delivery

The LabMaster’s modular design minimizes installation time and costs while maximizing flexibility. The LabMaster process webs up to 300 mm wide, accommodates material rolls up to 300 mm OD, and runs at speeds up to 30 m/min.


Slide together and pin.


Connect to electrical and air.


Connect to exhaust.

Flexible Design Allows for the Addition of Modules

Coating Modules are interchangeable so the LabMaster Pilot Line can be configured for a variety of coating methods that satisfy a broad range of applications. An assortment of optional coating modules can be added at any time. Coating modules can be configured for roll coating or slot-die coating using water-based, solvent-based, or hot-melt coatings.

Lamination Modules are also interchangeable. The Dry Bond Roll lamination module with chill rolls is standard and a Wet Bond Roll Laminator is optional. Lamination modules can be added at any time.

The LabMaster is Configurable for a Single-Zone up to a three-Zone Floatation Dryer. The base Pilot Coater includes a single-zone, 3-meter dryer and additional 3-meter dryer zones can be ordered with the machine or added at a later time.