Faustel’s Service Team combines the capabilities and expertise of our engineers and assembly technicians to provide you with the best resources to address your equipment service needs.

Faustel machines can be configured for remote access to the control system by our team using the internet and a special interface module. Having remote access allows real-time troubleshooting without having our engineer on-site, allowing you to get your machine back up and in production more quickly all at a fraction of the cost for a service visit. Access to the machine using the remote connection is completely at your discretion and is secure. This feature is available on all Faustel equipment.

Our high-speed digital camera is another leading edge tool that Faustel has available for machine set-up and troubleshooting. By capturing images of critical processes, we can thoroughly and accurately analyze the system to provide quick resolution to complex issues.

Contact Faustel today by filling in the form for a quote on your service needs, or call the service line (262) 253-3333 to speak with our service team directly.

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