Technology Centers are Essential in Custom Converting Machine Development

Purchasing the right equipment for your manufacturing operation can be a big challenge. Equipment that is designed and manufactured overseas is often risky, while going with higher priced or more reputable options may or may not suit your needs exactly despite their quality and operational precision. For truly revolutionary product and process design, custom converting equipment machine development might be the answer you’re looking for. Even the most seasoned engineers and scientists may need some expert help and guidance with machine and process development, a service that not every machine builder can provide. This is where an in-house technology center that assists with research & development can make the difference between success or failure of the project by virtually eliminating risk.

Technology Centers Keep Converting Equipment Costs Down

Custom Converting Machine DevelopmentCompanies developing new machinery have lost considerable time and money from not adequately testing their designs before implementation. Without a professional space for machine testing, research & development typically happens during post-production at a time where accuracy and functionality are essential in proving a new design to be cost-effective. Without properly testing and optimizing machinery before it goes online, here are some of the things that can go wrong:

• Equipment Failure
• Lost Production Time
• Higher Operational Costs
• Reduced Output and Low Product Quality
• Inefficient Equipment
• Revenue Loss

All of these potential problems are budget busters and make it difficult to achieve production targets. New equipment design, no matter how unique or promising, will be considered a failure if it cannot produce as promised when implemented. However, conducting R&D through a technology center ensures that the machine will perform reliably at a time when you need it most.

Additionally, technology centers allow for the continuation of research and development without sacrificing existing production needs. Time, equipment, and resources are finite, and keeping current machinery online and outputting sellable product prevents profit loss while potential upgrades are still being developed. Outsourcing R&D to a technology center also prevents jeopardizing deadlines and preserves customer relationships.

How Technology Centers Maximize Success

Custom Converting Machine Development SuccessTechnology centers can provide more than simple product testing. They can also allow for increased collaboration between machine designers, customers, and subject matter experts. This healthy collaboration fosters the development of machinery that not only does the job, but does it better than anything else on the market. With better accuracy and customization, the likelihood of material waste and product failure is greatly reduced, while customer satisfaction sky-rockets.

At Faustel, our technology center allows you to develop your converting machinery in close collaboration with your customers, which gives them the opportunity to ensure that they are getting precisely what they require from you. In addition, documenting that your machinery will work as intended before it goes online can solidify your credibility and funding opportunities with investors and potential customers. This customer involvement in your research and development process not only builds trust, it also increases the customer’s process and product knowledge, which can be essential to getting them fully on board.

Regardless of how confident you are in your equipment design, it’s always important to properly test the concept during machine development so that essential tweaks can take place prior to fabrication. This helps protect against surprises and will reduce the time to production once the machine is installed. The entire process is a win-win for everyone.

Looking for a Technology Center to help with Converting Machine Development?

For more information on working with a machine builder at a technology center, contact Faustel, and we’ll help educate you on the possibilities.