Advantages of Using Cartridge Coaters for Multiple Coating Methods

In the 2014 Q1 edition of Converting Quarterly Dr. Edward Cohen discusses five advantages for using a cartridge coater to achieve multiple coating methods on a coating line. Because cartridge coaters use multiple coating methods and changeover time is minimal “the best coating method for a given product can be used to improve quality without incurring a cost penalty,” said Cohen.

1) Allows use of optimum method for each product

When several products are coated with only one method, variables are compromised with intrinsic limitations for each product. This leads to poor duplicability, increased levels of defects, and higher costs. Using additional coating methodsreduces limitations and improves overall performance.

2) Effectively modernizes a coater

The current coating method may not be able to coat the latest generation of products because of outdated design specifications. Because web coating is a modular process, the coating station can be replaced to improve quality and capacity without having to build a new coating line.

3) Improves quality and costs in low-volume coatings

One coating method systems are typically designed for moderate to high volume. In low-volume coating additional coating methods increase flexibility resulting in better quality and lower costs.

4) Improves the ability to produce new product concepts

The availability of multiple coating methods allows for new product development and testing.

5) Reduces the need for high-speed coating

Multiple coating methods, running at optimum quality and yield, results in higher throughput and lower costs than a one-method, high-speed coating line.

The advantage of using multiple coating methods allows the ability to manufacture a wide variety of coated products from one coating line.

Dr. Cohen, Edward. (2014). What are the advantages of using multiple coating methods in a coater? Converting Quarterly; 2014 Quarter 1; Page 16.