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Welcome to Faustel: a manufacturer and developer of converting equipment for coating and laminating processes. In collaboration with our customers, we develop custom processes and machinery designed to transform materials like paper, film, foil, and non-wovens into 21st century innovations used in industries ranging from medical to aerospace.

Innovative Company Culture

What makes Faustel unique in the world of converting is our research and development focus, which extends far beyond the expertise and capacity of most converting equipment providers. According to Faustel’s VP of Technical Sales and Marketing, Chris Clark, “We like to be a problem solver for the customer, helping them come up with innovative and cost effective solutions.” This “problem solving” company culture defines both our work ethic and our approach to manufacturing, which goes all the way back to our 1956 founding.

Faustel was started by Everett Faulls and Walter Stelling, two engineers from Wisconsin whose combined surnames form our company’s brand. In those early years, Faustel’s manufacturing impact focused primarily on printing and coating for the flexible packaging industry. The 1950s and 60s were an era of growth and innovation for packaging materials, and we found our niche in developing equipment used to coat and laminate those materials. Since then, Faustel has adapted and developed new technology to suit the needs of a constantly changing and growing converting industry. From web handling processes to coating and laminating, we’ve designed converting solutions at each new evolution of products and materials.

Today, Faustel’s converting equipment is used to create lithium ion batteries, reverse osmosis filters, pharmaceuticals, medical products, and so much more. As the needs and vision of our customers change, we’re ready to innovate right alongside them.

Customer First Manufacturing

Converting Industry Experts at Faustel

Part of what makes Faustel a successful innovator is our customer-focused approach to manufacturing and engineering, which allows us to supply uniquely custom, high-quality equipment to the industry. By establishing clear lines of communication between our team of experts and the client, we are able to listen to the customer’s needs and adapt accordingly. Instead of reshaping the customer’s process to suit the confines of existing machinery, our equipment is developed around process optimization, resulting in a truly custom engineered solution. From the early trial phase to equipment design and solution implementation, Faustel guides the process while enhancing and building on the client’s vision.

Research and Development Headquarters

Faustel Technology Center Research and Development Manufacturing Laboratory

The technology we create at Faustel is truly a collaborative enterprise, facilitated by our Technology Center, which functions as a converting equipment laboratory. Instead of trying to find contract manufacturers and engineering firms that can help, our customers can leverage Faustel’s state of the art facility to design and test new converting equipment and processes with the help of our industry leading engineers all in the same location, under the same company. Our uniquely innovative capacity provides unmatched synchronization of research and development for the customer, which results in a better final product overall.

Award-Winning, Patented Products

Our equipment has earned industry-wide recognition for both superior quality and functionality through awards and patents. The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL), recently honored Faustel’s TecMaster R&D Coater Laminator with the 2017 AIMCAL Technical Excellence Award for its ability to enable product developers to test their coatings and processes on a small, easily adjustable scale. Another highly-innovative Faustel development, the patented PerfectStart no-fold winding system, eliminates the possibility of fold-back when transferring to a new core, thus producing defect-free finished rolls, and eliminating waste. As leaders in developing converting technology, our team of engineers routinely delivers industry transforming equipment.

Local Brand with Global Resources

Converting Equipment Manufacturer Asia Faustel Xiamen

Faustel Xiamen, China

W194 N11301 McCormick Drive, Germantown, WI 53022

Germantown, Wisconsin

Faustel is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, though today our operation has expanded far beyond the Midwest. In 2005, Faustel opened an additional manufacturing site in Xiamen, China, which serves to extend our foothold into the global manufacturing marketplace. With a world-wide standard in manufacturing quality, our customers can expect the same high-caliber results no matter where we serve them. The integration of our practices and components is seamless.

Get Started with Faustel

Whatever your vision for the converting technology you seek, Faustel’s culture of innovation, unmatched R&D resources, global reach, and customer-driven focus will help you find the right solution. We welcome you to connect with one of our converting equipment experts to start the process.