Roundtable Q&A – Coating, Laminating, & Metallizing

Adapted from an article in the March 2019 issue of Converting Solutions, a PFFC brand.

Converting Solutions caught up with experts in the field of coating, laminating & metallizing to learn what they had to say about the changes in the industry, recent projects, new products, and more. One of those experts was Faustel’s own Vice President – Sales & Technology, Chris Clark.

Converting Solutions: If there is one thing you want converters to know about your organization, what is it?

Clark: If we have not supplied equipment to you previously, we have likely built equipment for your application, or something  similar. Solving engineer and process challenges is our strength, and we are always willing to have a discussion about how we would approach the design for your machine or address a specific pain point on your existing equipment.

Converting Solutions: In today’s world everyone seems to want more for less. How fo you accommodate this need by offering more of a value at less of a cost for your customers?

Clark: Our in-house Technology Center is a customer resource for product and process trials, focused on innovation and productivity gains. Additionally, proving out critical technical features and capabilities up front ensures the as built equipment will exceed requirements for the application. This service is provided at no cost to customers when they purchase a machine from us.

Converting Solutions: What have you done to increase production and reduce waste for converters?

Clark: Our patented PerfectStart™ rewind transfer is designed for no fold-over transfers to a new rewind core. Compatible with paper, film, foil, non-wovens and laminates of all constructions, we are able to ensure first quality material right up to the last wrap on the core. With the ability to cute everything from thin films to high density laminates, the PerfectStart™ has the flexibility to work for almost any application.

Converting Solutions: What growth opportunities do you see for the industry in 2019 and beyond?

Clark: Consolidation of companies, both customers and suppliers, will continue to be a factor driving market opportunities. Areas of growth are more about emerging product markets, specialized capability and flexibility to react more quickly to customer requests.

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